one scientist's noise is another scientist's data



tetsuo kogawa's simplest microtranmitter
can sometimes get crystal clear reception,
mostly cackles in and out with a lot of screeching.
hitting the coil fix/breaks and reception problems.
to try: etch to circuit board, just to learn, needs real antenna.
--upload image of schematic, update hyperlink above

what is it? what are its limitations?
connecting to pi remotely (ssh using putty on windows)
using pi as server for website and newtwork drive
different os for pi
gpio intro
linux intro

use pi for remote SDR, anntenna on truck, laptop in house
play with gpio, motors?
3D printer build (motors and injector contols


software defined radio
takes advantage of computers and uses software
to do the tasks usually done by hardware.
(which are expensive or hard to build)
an antenna is connected to a device that
converts the analog rf signal into a digital signal,
where the computer takes over

a cheap DVB-T USB dongle
(digital video broadcasting - terrestrial)
meant to carry TV signals turns out to be usable
as a general purpose SDR device

--rtl_sdr thru command line
using rtl_tcp
antenna > RTL-SDR > RPI/laptop > SDR#/other? > WXtoIMG
librtl-sdr cmd line programs
reddit - rtl_sdr/rtl_tcp
pi rtl server

get my antenna/rpi outside and over wifi(need battery?)
noaa satellites(WXtoImg)
eventually lightsail?
SDR# - how to download satellite data
downloading noaa sdr data
.:.:.:.rtl sdr NOAA satellite imagery
manual for rtlsdr

tram 1185 antenna review


the lightsail is an experiment to see if
solar wind will push a sail

lightsail 1 went into orbit and succeeded,
in deploying the sail, but was within
earth's magnetic field and protected
from any solar winds
(get a date and such)

lightsail 2 will leave the shores of earth,
and when the sail opens we'll find out
if we've unlocked a new era
(the Air Force updated LightSail’s launch date to no earlier than April 30, 2018)

while orbiting earth the lightsail will be
transmitting telemetry data.
the planetary society could use help
listening to these signals
see how to download satellite data
and my SDR section in the projects list above


-------------------raspberry pi and linux-------------------

GPIO 101 stuff
turn an LED on and off the pi hut
GPIO tutorials - toptechboy

linux shell primer
how to remote desktop raspberry pi
deluged torrent client for raspbian

-------------------general electronics-------------------

a usb and solar battery charging circuit

an amp for small stereo speaker output with headphones override

.:. hacking tube tvs, transmitters,diy oscilloscope?

circuit library

electronics forum

.:.making a windbelt

-------------------radio electronics-------------------

a few different radio receivers (sound to come out of an amp)
am ?
sw ?
7mhz transmitter using dremel cut copper boards

hf 3-30mhz

27mhz transmitter/reciver using 555 timers


technical info on running a diy broadcast station - written by pirates

simple shortwave transmitter and general good radio blog
homepage of same guy

.:.tetsuo kogawa radio art - mini fm and uhf tv transmitters in not-too-technical lingo, pro radio anarchy
radio art manifesto

.:.low tech fm reciever circuits and theory

like this one a lot, old school transistor radio project using wood and screws

broadcast documentation and pirate message board

free radio tech manuals and basics

.:.:.:.indian radio ham provides lots of tech basics for beginners

austrailian radio ham electronics basics and projects

radio pirate radio theory and theories

digital rf circuits "lmr-spirit-detector"


antenna tuner
hard core dx - antenna info

-------------------radio astronomy-------------------

radio jove

wikiversity astronomy course

slide show about radio astronomy interferometry

beginner radio telescope with schematics and diagrams

amateur radio astronomy

space weather prediction center
good descriptions of space weather phenomena

-------------------earths magnetosphere-------------------

lesson on magnetism and physics

mms mission education

library of nasa lessons

earth's magnetosphere information

-------------------computer/radio fundamentals-------------------

Magnetic Logic - Forgotten Technology
Jeri Ellsworth

Electronics: Magnetic Cores I: Properties 1961 US Army Training Film

Computer Science
Crash Course

keystone science am transmitter