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hey i like the internet 

and planning to do a million projects 
and starting a thousand 
and finishing a couple

i like watching the stars and satellites
i like watching the trees and moss grow

im into making things from scratch
like radios and batteries
                   or synthesizers and guitar mods
                                  or fire and forges
                mead mead mead      
or telescopes and microscopes

                   or cloth from plants
                                 or maybe rockets or drones

    or refining elements and recycling the wastestream

           how everything is made from scratch

if you wanna talk

give me a shout at

don't let me down internet

nova scotia robots

here's a link to my old photo blog

about geouniversal

my nebulous lifelong project

current theme is to send an email to the the moon with materials laying around on earth

life theme song youtube link to sir prancealot brain fire boards of canada

dream stuff

"you're nothing but a bucket of bolts"

something important here, my dreams from long ago say so

july 25, 2006 tuesday 12:29 pm
"…i am at the lower part of a hill, her at the top, i tell her everything.
i run to the top of this hill, a computer mouse hangs from my pocket.
i run to her, she has a white mouse in her hand and she is still talking to courtney.
wait a second and kiss quickly,
then we start talking about why her computer does not work.
on the back there is a port that does not really exist on computers,
and on one/two [of the screws] there are little pictures of jack black
i 'unscrew it to find foam/more screws.
i held the computer more lightly than i should have."

old web

these are almost unveiwable without adblocker, but for the real experience turn it off

westfarthing - this was probably my first website that i really hated html, never again manually creating an index

letsgoskateboarding - it's summer, go skateboard

dialtheoperator - finally starting to get the web, i kinda like this better than my current site


i am trying to use as much of my own content as i can for this site

i don't think i have got any sort of permission for the rest.
here's hoping no one will mind.
i make no money from this site and never will.

SPACE 1999

the random backgrounds and landing image are from SPACE 1999

first episode on youtube


screenshots from tron, starwars, bjork interview