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2021 06 27

import markdown
md = markdown.Markdown(extensions = ['meta', 'attr_list'])
import os

def convertlog(log, pagename):
  file = open(logpath + log, 'r')
  body = md.convert(

  body = makestamp(pagename) + '<hr>' + body

  if 'tags' in md.Meta:
    tags = md.Meta['tags'][0].split(', ')
    body = makelinktags(tags) + ' ' + body

  body = '\n<section>' + body + '\n</section>'
  return body

def makelinktags(tags):
  anchor_tag = '<a href="/log/{0}.html">{0}</a>'
  taglist = [anchor_tag.format(tag) for tag in tags]
  tagline = ', '.join(taglist)
  return tagline

def makestamp(pagename): # permalink for that entry
  return '<a href="/log/' + pagename + '.html">.:.</a>'

def makepage(body):
  file = open('../templates/header.txt', 'r')
  header =

  file = open('../templates/footer.txt', 'r')
  footer =

  html = header + body + footer
  return html

def savefile(html, savepath):
  savefile = open(savepath, 'w')

logpath = '../md/log/'
logpile = sorted(os.listdir(logpath))
logbook = {}
logpages = []

# convert each log

for log in logpile:
  fullpath = os.path.join(logpath, log)

  if os.path.isdir(fullpath): 
    filetype = log.split('.')[-1]
    pagename = log.split('.')[0]

  if filetype == 'txt' or filetype == 'md':
    logbook[pagename] = convertlog(log, pagename)

# make each individual page

for page in logbook:
  html = makepage(logbook[page])
  savepath = '../html/log/' + page + '.html'
  savefile(html, savepath)

# make one page for all entries

logindex = makepage('\n'.join(logpages))
savepath = '../html/log/index.html'
savefile(logindex, savepath)
notes, site, webmaster .:.

2021 06 06

cool got this page to be generated with webmaster

gonna take a break for a few days and make it prettier

webmaster plans:

web, webmaster, sshfs .:.

2021 06 01


finally able to access pi files on everything with a relatively simple method. no installing servers or anything really.

sshfs on the raspberry pi

to mounth the folder as a drive on windows you need to install both of these things:



webmaster, python

switching plans up for the webmaster guy. i was finally getting the hang of nodejs but i'm going to go with python. the code looks way prettier and it worked the second try. i've never written anything more than 5 lines and have it work the first try.

not on my main computer tonight but holding myself to logging at least once a month. will edit this all again in a couple days, just putting this here for now

import markdown
md = markdown.Markdown(extensions = ['meta', 'attr_list'])
import os

def makepage(mdfile):
    file = open('../templates/header.txt', 'r')
    header =

    file = open('../md/' + mdfile, 'r')
    body = md.convert( + '\n' + str(md.Meta)

    file = open('../templates/footer.txt', 'r')
    footer =

    html = header + body + footer

    savefile = open('../html/' + mdfile[:-3] + 'html', 'w')

for mdfile in os.listdir('../md'):
if mdfile[-3:] == "txt":
notes, site, webmaster .:.

2021 05 01

making some good progress on this webmaster

to do before uploading: - reformat most pages to markdown - reset links/imgs all pages (still need to fix space.html imgs and links) - add in classes for elements - github - still static html

still to do:

notes, site, web, life .:.

2021 04 00

web, api

getting news from wikipedia via api?

how to use this api thing to get articles from wikipedia to show up on a page?, will get back to this

web, markdown

running some tests using node to convert markdown. js is always less intimidating when it's over

webmaster.html just tests so far, will add more

getting the hang of this, just gotta rewrite everything into markdown, maybe not everything but most things


this might be my last manual blog post, hopefully have this a little more automated next month.

just finished year one of survey school. summer break, summer jobs, summer love

notes, site, vr, ideapool .:.

2021 03 00


still tweaking the page styles for this site before i overhaul all the html and make a consistant web layout. i've also been looking into markdown and really enjoy writing with it. this lead down a rabbit hole of static site generators and different approaches to go from markdown (plaintext) to markup (html).

i think the route i like is using node to take a folder full of markdown files and convert them into html.

store markdown articles in a database/folder
store html, css, and js templates in database/folder
parse/convert markdown to html
store html file in database/folder

ideally i would like to have a database/folder tree of txt files, media and templates that i manage instead of all these html files. focus on content instead of tedious bits.

tag idea list: - geo, cad, gis - project, idea, log - materials, technology - circuits, power - radio, ham, signals - cpu, hardware, software - web, server, - art, webvr, photos, words


played with a-frame for the first time in a while. i found i can model in autocad and export to a STL file, open this in blender, save as gtlf file and embed this in an a-frame scene.

got a general idea for a link world, every door takes you to a different webvr world. still have to do a lot to make thing more stable and easy to manage


notes, hmeath .:.

2021 02 10

i am the static

static from a radio

notes, tech .:.

2021 02 00

backed up R52 thinkpad windows XP to an IMG file, installed raspberry pi OS to learn more about using linux and have a dedicated machine for talking to my raspberries.

the first thing i tried to set up was an SDR program to use my RTLSDR. i actually forget the results and resources used here, will come back and add more about this

i lost a lot of the links that helped me along the way but will try to build this into something i can follow when i inevitably break it and have to start over

notes, site, caddd .:.

2021 01 25

should start a geo log for survey, cad, gis

how to modify coordinate systems in autocad civil3d:


search nova scotia 2010

duplicate zone 5

remove "2" at start of false easting


notes, site .:.

2020 12 06

crap doing a dated notebook makes me
strangely aware of time all of a sudden

to-do: start a raspberry pi/micro controller page - move all notes from radio/cpu pages to there - find inspiration and time to start aduino - control motors and gears with a computer already

(will always be rearranging this order) geouniversal materia materials and chemistry artifacts tech and components circuits electro signals sensors and data cpu processing and memory trajectory rockets and orbits space navigation star maps and solar system models

made a little time to work on schematics
would like to have a lot more on here
plus pictures of them (not?) working

work/school/other work/radio/hermitage prep

notes, site, plans .:.

2020 11 25

space.js - model data - geometry - units - reference systems - motion - gravity - rendering - interface

planetary geology map

notes, site .:.

2020 11 23

trying to start a web log again, see how long this lasts

current site map and hot ideas:
- home page - links - geouniversal - materia - machines - circuits - add in schematics - signals - cpu - space - radio - maybe make a satellites page? - noaa-log - add newest day? - web - cmd v3 - i forgot about this, hmm - iching - fix it, check on all platforms - js archive - midnite - add more photo pages - about

- figure out mobile vs desktop text size and pre text size - upload more photos - fix a bunch of text - go to bed right now

and image inverter / archive found negatives:

function updateImage(amount) {
  var inverttest = document.getElementById("inverttest"); = "invert(" + amount/100 + ")";

  debug.innerHTML = amount;