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2021 03 00


still tweaking the page styles for this site before i overhaul all the html and make a consistant web layout. i've also been looking into markdown and really enjoy writing with it. this lead down a rabbit hole of static site generators and different approaches to go from markdown (plaintext) to markup (html).

i think the route i like is using node to take a folder full of markdown files and convert them into html.

store markdown articles in a database/folder
store html, css, and js templates in database/folder
parse/convert markdown to html
store html file in database/folder

ideally i would like to have a database/folder tree of txt files, media and templates that i manage instead of all these html files. focus on content instead of tedious bits.

tag idea list: - geo, cad, gis - project, idea, log - materials, technology - circuits, power - radio, ham, signals - cpu, hardware, software - web, server, - art, webvr, photos, words


played with a-frame for the first time in a while. i found i can model in autocad and export to a STL file, open this in blender, save as gtlf file and embed this in an a-frame scene.

got a general idea for a link world, every door takes you to a different webvr world. still have to do a lot to make thing more stable and easy to manage