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what is needed to send an email to the moon starting with barehands living on earth

one person with a computer and a radio on earth

batteries - radio - computer ceramics, glass, metals, acid, enamel/glues,etc wires, whiskers, transistors, resistors, capacitors, etc signals, logic, cmos, interface

one person with a computer and a radio on the moon

fuel - rockets - ships - biospheres refining, pressurizing, ignition trajetory, navigation, sensor array, bridge, landing gear atmosphere, water, growth, decay


there are lots of lists from here on out,
they lost their original formatting
and most of thier sense

will come back to this


sticks and stones and skin and bones

how to use what already exists


fire fuel and furnaces

friction to forge


clay cement metal and glass

mineral and deep heat


pots and potions

to hold and change materia(ls)



cloth rope and paper


calcination distillation pyrolization

refining with fire


light magnets and electricty

fucking magic


make machine and automate

artifacts from resources and resources from artifacts


start fire from sticks make charcoal from wood make pots from clay make lye from ash .. send emails to space

make fire sun removes moisture from sticks friction and air make an ember add tinder and more air to start a fire fire draws in its own air

make fire pit use rocks and soil to surround a fire should slow draw and wind burn less fuel over time thermal mass collects ash and charcoal

make charcoal make a deep fire pit start fire, once its going good, cover

collect smoke pass exhaust of charcoal maker through water > makes pyroligneous acid (mostly vinegar) pass what gases don't dissolve in water thru water scrubber of some sort pressuize those dry gases > wood gas > fuel

copper (or gold or silver) sheets wires tubes

battery play with different metals and solutions pick something avaialbe make a 5v and 12v battery

copper zinc aluminum air aluminum rust? lead and lead oxide

inductors and coils

radio build amp, am reciever, am transmitter

sdr build antenna tower, get better photos, set up raspberry pi sdr dongle (needs more power?)

cpu solder some transistors together, make gates

web make a whole universe in html and js


sand > doped silicon > microchips > computer wood > fire > ash > lye > battery electrolyte copper/silver > wire pulling > electric circuit > wire coiling > inductor some crystal? > diode > signal selection

oh ya the real kicker is you gotta send someone to space to receive the email

ore > metal > cast > machined > rocket engine electricity > water > hydrogen + oxygen > fuel + air

bigger list

sticks fire firepit charcoal furnace

stone flint clay glaze glass oxides cement ores metal

ash potash soda lye soap

starch sugar yeast vinegar scobi indigotin

fibre felt twine rope knots nets weaving textiles loom

paper sizing binding

resin rosin wax oil glue flux polish varnish seal

pigments binders ink paint chalk brushes pencils pens crayons dyes mordants

writing drawing drafting

calcination distillation pyrolyzation

fertilizer gunpowder rocketry

acid base salt acid alcohol ester

sound waves octaves

camera obscura photography lens prism spectrum

sundial clocks orrery

lodestone poles compass

charge - amber and static potential conductivity current leyden jars

electrochemistry battery

capacitance resistance induction RLC

electromagnet transformer motor-generator


lamps filament noblegas vacuum tubes crt

lidar light detection and ranging radar radio detection and ranging sonar sound navigation and ranging

memory cards relay tubes woven wire magnet core ram and rom

crystal growing and cutting semiconductors diodes led transistors ic






recycling the wastestream

1 PET melts at 225? 2 HDPE 130? dissolves in turpentine 3 PVC 75? dissolves in turpentine, acetone 4 LDPE 120? 5 PP 170? 6 PS 100-120? dissolves in acetone