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space radio art, lost the source one scientist's noise is another scientist's data


daveco video sender


got this little guy for 20$. video feed would cut out after 4 seconds, frigged with the wires for a few hours and started poking at it with a razor blade. when i connected the ground wire to the signal wire in the video feed it worked better. officialized my hack with some aluminum foil and the machine is steady (at about 80% quality)

fm radio synth - kogowa punk

tetsuo kogowa's micro fm + atari punk console

kogawa punk

essentially this thing makes a lot of radio noise and is wonderful to watch

it's broken now, will come to life again

tetsuo kogowa

radio art

tetsuo kogowa describes in his micro radio manifesto:

Why don't you go to a radio station just as you did to theatres. Micro radio theatre could be possible. The airwaves cover only a housing space. That is enough. I have been organizing micro radio party. This is an attempt to change a space to a qualitatively different by a micro transmitter.

simplest FM transmitter


tetsuo kogawa's simplest microtranmitter
micro transmitter 1


     Y [antenna]
     |      feedline                   wifi
     I__________________[sdr]->[pi] .:))  ((:. [computer] -> [software]


software - windows

software - linux


# noaa 15, 18, 19

# meteor, goes