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this is the web portal

surfing the web

i'm no expert on browsers. google products weird me out
i use firefox but don't think it's that much better

here's a browser guide from digdeeper on neocities
here's a spyware and privacy guide

but there are other ways to interact with the web

...add more hereeeeee


how to find a nook or cranny on the internet to call your own

build a static website

building a website is a first step to contributing to the web

there's 3 new languages to learn:

catworms html/css guide

follow these lessons to get the basics of site building
to test things out you can write the code out in notepad (or notepad++)
and save the file as "anythingyouwant.html"
open the file in any browser to see what you've made

hosting platforms

some are free, some are not. do this by visiting a web hosting website and signing up

this site you are reading is hosted at neocities

local server

1 line simple server js, python, brb

public server



our experience with the web is ever evolving. the boundary between web and thought is dissolving.

a frame

first exploration into a-frame, welcome to my weird reality

shape and texture test - *** maze.html ***


liooil's collection - my first a-frame sighting

yudosai's world - inspiration!


i have no idea what i am doing! weeoooo


building a markdown to html converter using node and its extention showdown.

i fell down a rabbit hole learning about markdown and i am really into the idea of not writing my HTML out by hand anymore.

makes me feel like a webmaster


making a rudimentary cad/gis that uses svg/canvas rendering
eventually want to make some 3d shapes from data
geocad will combine all of the function of cmd.js and of stars.js

so far:


(cmd.js was proof of concept for this)
add command line function, every button will route their actions thru the terminal command line

(stars.js was proof of concept for this)
build svg and canvas drawing tools
build a data library, preload svgs, upload new content from computer
render data (requires projection tools, and somehow handle ridiculous errors this will all create)

    this is where rendered layers will live
    command line, favourite command buttons, coords
  control panel
    settings panel - skin ..
    layer panel - add layer (svg or js), layer list
    draw panel - basic geometry tools
    cogo panel - survey, trig, curve solutions
    view panel - zoom/pan tools, 
    selection p


understanding how models of physical space are collected, organized, projected and displayed on a computer screen

expanding on a small app made in cmd.js, stars.js is to view the stars in the sky. trying to find the right interface for this. looking to have a main screen with moveable/sizable/closable screens within it. separating reference systems from the display systems this will remain a testing ground. it will probably be broken sometimes.


want to get used to interface


this is the first attempt at making a js command prompt

type 'help' and click enter you can type anything that is in this list you'll see typing 'load' prompts you "specify a valid app to load" type 'help load' for a list of valid apps for example, type 'load svg'. svg is now loaded type 'help' again, see that there is a new command. type 'svg' to enter the svg app. type 'help' to see what commands are available in this app


second attempt, command prompt 2, has less apps but deeper functionality

trying to nail down dynamic window sizes, as the previous version was a static 600x600 pixels, this is full screen. the svg program was renamed 'cad', got some better user input but still not quite right. wasn't sure if i should focus on the user interface or the in depth functions of the apps, lost steam and moved on contains the functionality of version 1 by pressing "classic" in the bottom left


i learned about the iching it was a very defined set of rules
felt like a great first coding project

i never got around to reducing the text
from the book to this web thing

i don't think this works on iphone