the internet is ours and it is adorable
free your mind body soul and exoskeleton


music for programming:
a series of mixes intended for listening while programming to aid concentration and increase productivity
(also compatible with other activities).

earth :: a global map of wind, weather and ocean conditions:
a visualization of global weather conditions
forecast by supercomputers
updated every three hours

stuff in space
stuff in space is a realtime 3D map of objects in earth orbit, visualized using WebGL. the website updates daily with orbit data from and uses the excellent satellite.js javascript library to calculate satellite positions.

galaxy zoo:
classify galaxies - to understand how galaxies formed we need your help to classify them according to their shapes. if you're quick, you may even be the first person to see the galaxies you're asked to classify.
part of the zooniverse citizen science projects

omgspace: scaled solar system, lots of scrolling
star mapping intro
comet/asteroid groups read more
lightsail prototypes but for illumination
mr eclipse
one man's astrolog, extensive
how to star maps
USS Matrix NCC 72296

neocities sites
mebious - html storybook

other web pages
phil plait - list of good movies

No, but the air doesn't smell so foul down here
The wizard rests a hand on Merry's shoulder
If in doubt, Meriadoc, always follow your nose


the land

in graywood nova scotia me and my 2 buds have this 50 acre wood lot we are slowly converting into forest garden of eden. luckily life finds its own way for the most part

space and radios

challenge the notion that we must have wage-earning jobs in order to live, and that we are not entitled to indulge our passions and interests unless we do so for monetary profit or have independent wealth. - josh jones summarizing the views of bertrand russell and bucky fuller



happy halloween forever