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music for programming:
a series of mixes intended for listening while programming to aid concentration and increase productivity
(also compatible with other activities)

earth :: a global map of wind, weather and ocean conditions:
a visualization of global weather conditions
forecast by supercomputers
updated every three hours

zen stories to tell your neighbours
zen stories
to leave you thinking

michael wolf photography
architecture of density
informal seating arrangements

stuff in space:
stuff in space is a realtime 3D map of objects in earth orbit, visualized using WebGL. the website updates daily with orbit data from and uses the excellent satellite.js javascript library to calculate satellite positions.

galaxy zoo:
classify galaxies - to understand how galaxies formed we need your help to classify them according to their shapes. if you're quick, you may even be the first person to see the galaxies you're asked to classify.
part of the zooniverse citizen science projects

@ neocities

really cool venture in VR
really helpful web tutorials in their gallery
(thx for help)

'if this sounds too complicated to start out with, dont worry.
youll figure some of it out along the way'

bills world
extraordinary web curator

extraordinary web curator

proud member of jaup

really great music
'in truth all sensation is already noise'

this guy gets the web

the impressive project log
in technology fundamentals

solid blog full of solid links
makes weird games and comics
whost zone is elegant

Comet Pustój
low tech website
based in this solar system

BMH Online
classic personal webpage
with lots of helpful how to's

me - geouniversal

thanks yudo

thanks dann

thanks bmh

pjilasimikmaki welcome to mi'kma'ki

michael wolf photography


svg-edit: SVG-edit is a fast, web-based, javascript-driven SVG drawing editor that works in any modern browser.


turn an LED on and off the pi hut

GPIO tutorials - toptechboy

hackaday - zero cluster

cluster tips

linux shell primer

how to remote desktop raspberry pi

deluged torrent client for raspbian


youtube series on computer science - highly suggested!

crash course computer science

most helpful resource i've found so far!

building blocks

lots of homemade computers!

logic gates talk

magnetic computers

all magnetic computer (sri history of computers)

magnetic logic jeri ellsworth

Electronics: Magnetic Cores I: Properties 1961 US Army Training Film

computer emulation

how to emulate cpu/nintendo/anything

pan docs everything about gameboys


switch logic diagrams

logic/ALU/cpu explanation


omgspace: scaled solar system, lots of scrolling

star mapping intro


comet/asteroid groups read more

lightsail prototypes but for illumination

mr eclipse

one man's astrolog, extensive

how to star maps

USS Matrix NCC 72296

celestial atlas gorgeous space maps

more of the celestial atlas

more more of the celestial atlas

old russian space art

star axis massive star observatory

star axis like it's a modern pyramid aligned to the stars

star axis this archived version of the site explained more


how fucking magnets work

platonic solids


flaamingos - bandcamp imagine joy division but not depressing

surface of eceon - the open sea - youtube watch the southern lights and follow a never setting sun

surface of eceyon - live - october 2000 - luna lounge, nyc more surface of eceon (youtube)

yume bitsu yume bitsu 1999 (youtube) yume bitsu

landing discography on bandcamp landing

GEOUNIVERSAL (how to make artifacts)

starting a fire (youtube) primitive technology: firesticks

web over radio (youtube) packet radio (post apocalyptic internet?) - computerphile

fun sci - making a glass bead microscope

fun sci - turn room into camera obscura

fun sci - making a telescope

sci toys - fuel cell project

civilization starter kit dvd v0.01


bucky fuller notes on geodesic domes

notes on geodesic domes

geodesic domes

build a ramp pump (these are really cool)


telescope mirror grinding

telescope mirror grinding

large thin mirror making

karen's sundial page on angelfire

calendar sundial

survival resources

portable solar bbq

solar greenhouses by stephen kass

passive solar greenhouses

solar greenhouse

books i haven't read yet

book - the bent stick - recommended to me someone for archery bow making

letter of peter peregrinide maricourt to __ concerning the magnet

roger bacon - opus majus

william gilbert - de magnete

girglamo cardano - the subtly of things

robert norman - newe attractive

thomas brown - vulcan common errors

robert boyle - propduction of electricty 1675?

andrew gordan german chime with silkball and electric gongs?

stephen gray - electric whirl

charles-francois de cisterbay (du fay 1937 mgmoir)

resinous - virtuous+

kleist - leyden jar

electricity in nature

lesson on magnetism and physics

mms mission education

library of nasa lessons

earth's magnetosphere information


charging batteries with solar cells

an amp for small stereo speaker output with headphones override

.:. hacking tube tvs, transmitters,diy oscilloscope?

circuit library

electronics forum



.:.making a windbelt

radio circuits

a few different radio receivers (sound to come out of an amp)


keystone science am transmitter

sw ?

7mhz transmitter using dremel cut copper boards

hf 3-30mhz

27mhz transmitter/reciver using 555 timers


technical info on running a diy broadcast station - written by pirates

simple shortwave transmitter and general good radio blog

homepage of same guy

.:.tetsuo kogawa radio art - mini fm and uhf tv transmitters in not-too-technical lingo, pro radio anarchy

radio art manifesto

.:.low tech fm reciever circuits and theory

like this one a lot, old school transistor radio project using wood and screws

broadcast documentation and pirate message board

free radio tech manuals and basics

.:.:.:.indian radio ham provides lots of tech basics for beginners

austrailian radio ham electronics basics and projects

radio pirate radio theory and theories

digital rf circuits "lmr-spirit-detector"

rc circuits book


antenna tuner

hard core dx - antenna info

box loop radio


signal identification guide

strange radio signals and broadcasts

librtl-sdr cmd line programs

reddit - rtl_sdr/rtl_tcp

pi rtl server

SDR# - how to download satellite data


downloading noaa sdr data

.:.:.:.rtl sdr NOAA satellite imagery

manual for rtlsdr tram 1185 review

radio astronomy low cost interferometry

radio jove

wikiversity radio astronomy course

slide show about radio astronomy interferometry

beginner radio telescope with schematics and diagrams

amateur radio astronomy

space weather prediction center

good descriptions of space weather phenomena


Making Apple Wines

Brewing Root Beer

joe's ancient orange mead

a mead recipe

mushroom growing


show my index image comes from (youtube) space: 1999: s01e01 breakaway 1975

ICHING this is more about 5x5 pixel symbol generation but gives me simala feels iching patterns and more


butdoesitfloat always liked this one

evil mad scientist

garden history girl this is the coolest telescope

stone art blog more of that wicked telescope

Emmi BevenseAnarchism and nerd stuff. from colonialism to consent

good church design

it's going down - anarchist news

John R. Leeman Scientist by day, engineer by night, coder by birth…mad scientist at large

lost wit and wisdom difficult art of tracking

from moon to moon bohemian houses and rooms, real nice feels

newfoundland and labrador archaeological society

orbital path SPACE

sackvegas hometown blogger, what a weird town

mighty mega science and science fiction

sustainable farming permaculture is life

the great lines project

the mathematical tourist

the pictorial arts

we alone on earth

atomic shrimp


bjork's website 15 years ago was always inspiring to me


phil plait - list of good movies


A Japanese Artist Launches Plants Into Space

edward burtynsky photographs

eugene von bruenchenhein’s paintings

photos tagged with 'alchemist'

go70north photography

hasui kawase wikipedia (japanese painter)

hermits and solitude hermit lore

hurstwic viking history articles

cedric bixler's youtube

hnefatvl viking chess

ilya kuvshinov digital art

danish runic inscriptions

pooktre tree shapers magic tree growing

portraits of tribes

saeriellyn prydain fan art

rolof benny to everything there is a season the most beautiful canadian photos

salvia divinorum FAQ

puppet sci-fi articles

the alchemy website

telescope museum

agriculture resources


will orgnaize later?